About us

Imperial Agro Private Limited (The Company) is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 as a Private Limited company limited by shares. It was incorporated in 2008 as a Private Limited Company by the Promoters, Mr. Uday Shankar Ojha, Akashdeep Ojha. Mr. Uday Shankar Ojha is one of the promoters of the Company. He has been playing a vital role in growth and prosperity of the Company. Mr Ojha is actively engaged in effective management and day to day affairs of the Company since the inception of the Company.The Company is an authorized dealer of the Commercial vehicles of the Ashok Leyland Limited in Bihar. The Company is also an authorized service center of Ashok Leyland Limited. The Company operates from four service centers, three showrooms and multiple sales offices in Bihar. The Company has authorized DSAs in multiple cities of the State. The Company is able to maintain its brand value and able to sustain the competitive market besides maintaining continued annual growth of turnover and market share. Mr. Ojha has managed the Company in such a way that the Company has been able to open and operate additional places of business in multiple cities of the State. The Company is playing a vital role in increasing the market share of the Ashok Leyland. The Company has also maintained its brand value in terms of corporate social responsibilities towards the society. The Company has also been one of the highest tax payer assesees in its jurisdictional area. Well satisfied and motivated employees of the Company have not left any stone unturned in growth and development of the Company. Mr. Ojha has been able to manage the Company in a very effective and efficient manner. He is an excellent leader and he is leading the company by example The Company is being managed and operated by the duly constituted board of Directors consisting of Mr. Uday Shankar Ojha and Mr. Akashdeep Ojha. The Directors and their relativescollectively hold more than 90% of the shares and voting powers of the Company as on date.